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Do It Yourself By Caps Appliance Parts

At Caps Appliance Parts, one of our specialties is providing help to customers who love the do-it-yourself approach and wish to fix their appliances by themselves. We help them avoid the expense of paying a professional repairman to perform the work, when they can do it themselves, and engage in a challenging, educational experience in the process!

Our knowledgeable team can assist you in finding the parts you need to perform your repairs. We will also gladly furnish you with detailed information regarding to how to proceed.

Caps Appliance Parts does not perform service work nor is the company affiliated with any other service company. It is in our best interests to help you learn to do it yourself (so you will come to us for parts and advice in the future) and we are more than happy to share our knowledge.

The diagram below can be used a tool to help you locate the part number you need. Make a note of the number so you will be prepared when you call, e-mail, or stop in to see us. This will allow us to better assist you! It will speed the process, allowing us to look up the schematics for your appliance and diagnose any issues you may be having.

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