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Located in Brooklyn, NY, Caps Appliance Parts stocks an assortment thousands of factory parts for a wide variety of brands and types of major appliances. Is your microwave failing to heat properly? Is your dishwasher malfunctioning? Is your washing machine failing to clean your clothes properly or are the settings no longer working? Whatever the problem may be, contact Caps Appliance Parts to provide a solution!

In the appliance parts business for over two decades, Caps Appliance Parts stocks a huge inventory of parts for most makes and models of major appliances. Are you a do-it-yourself individual? Do you prefer to tinker with your defective appliances to get them back in working order rather than pay someone else? Then you will love Caps Appliance Parts.

Getting Your Home Appliances Working Again...

At Caps Appliance Parts, we love sharing our knowledge with our clients. If you need to find out how to replace a faulty part in your appliance, we will be glad to provide you with step by step instructions on how to do it. We want to help you repair defective appliances on your own, which allows us to share knowledge that we are passionate about and facilitates a mutually beneficial relationship between us and our clientele.

Find Parts for Your Commercial Appliances...

We supply parts to smaller businesses as well. If your freezer used for storing vegetables and fruits is not running, or your air conditioning is not cooling properly, give us a call. We will readily assist you in finding the parts you might need to get your commercial appliances working properly again.

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